Xplore Paverpol

You 'can' create a unique sculpture


Did you know that the WDM Christmas Market has been discontinued - so sad.

I will need a new market to see you at.  Where ?

Classes May

 I am busy preparing for the Instructors Seminar June 10-11

Booking classes for the last half of June  and the rest of the summer.

Classes June

 Saturday June 24 is open or call me for weekday classes!

Introductory /Intermediate

           $120    /  $130

July classes

July 13, 2023

Heron class - $225

One space available

 I teach multiple techniques with in a class.  someone may be doing an Introductory class sitting next to someone doing an Advance Class

You can always contact me to set something up.

To register go to the Contact Us page